How To Safely Remove Fleas From New Born Kitten

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How To Safely Remove Fleas From New Born Kitten


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How To Safely Remove Fleas From New Born Kitten Cat The new born cat may pick up fleas from the mother if she is infected. Kittens are so small and delicate that the treatment may be not safe on them. To remove the fleas from new born kitty it is important that you first treat the mother cat and then remove the fleas from the kitten. Here are some of the ways to safely remove fleas from new kittens. Giving A Bath: As the kitty is too small she can fit easily in a sink or a small tub. Take some warm water in the sink or tub. Immerse your kitten up to the neck and make sure all fur is wet. Take her out of the from the bath and place her on a towel to apply the mild dish washing detergent and gently massage all over her body. Make sure to avoid her eyes. The fleas may start running for the driest area of the kitten. Mostly you may find them swarm to the head and facial area. Grab these fleas and put them in the hot cup of soapy water. Now submerge your kitten up to the neck in the water and rinse off the detergent properly. Make sure non of the particles are left on her. After that place her on a clean towel. Take Out The Fleas: Before drying your kitty use flea comb or pick off fleas using tweezers while the fur is wet. Remember to grab the fleas and put it in hot cup of soapy water. After removing all the fleas from her blow dry her nicely. Clean The Bedding Or Blankets: Wash all the bedding and blanket of mother cat and kitten in hot water. Vacuum and clean the areas and environment to get rid of fleas.

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Required Cat Flea Treatment: There are various types of treatment for the mother or adult cat. Preventatives for kittens are determined by age as it can be deadly so it is essential to take the advice from the vet before applying anything on new born cat. The fleas from newly born cat has to be removed manually. When the kitten gets old over 4 weeks may be treated with Capstar. Make sure you choose the appropriate product according to the weight and age. Now you can remove the fleas safely and without hurting the new born kitten from the above steps. Buy Best Flea Treatment for Cats

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