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According to Paul J. Caletka teaching experience. He said students always loves Secure and Safe Environment in the class. Learn best way to maintain good relation with students.


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How to Develop Positive Relation With Students Paul J. Caletka

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Relationship With Students • Teacher and student relations should be good. A Good teacher always maintains a good relationship with their students. According to Paul J. Caletka experience students always loves a natural environment in schools. they dont want any kind of partiality.

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Ways to Maintain good Relationship with Students • Proper Rules and regulations • Keep Positive attitude • secure and safe environment • Treat Students with Respect • Keep balance in learning and fun

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Proper Rules and Regulations Proper Rules and Regulations

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Keep Positive Attitude Keep Positive Attitude

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Secure and Safe Environment Secure and Safe Environment

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Treat Students with Respect Treat Students with Respect

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Keep Balance in Learning and fun Keep Balance in Learning and fun

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