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Recommended knowledge of UNIX/Linux system and network administration. Recommended knowledge of storage virtualization and high availability concepts. Define the types purpose and benefits of storage virtualization

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Question No 1: Which two commands are used for thin reclamation.Select two. A. Faadmn B. Vxdctl C. Vxdisk D. Vxtune E. vxdmpadm Answer: C D

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Question No 2: An Administrator uses the command shown below to create volume volzebra in the disk group mydg: Vxassist –b –g mydg make volzebra 10g 1ayoutstripe What is the default number of strip columns for the volume A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 Answer: A

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Question No 3: Which command should an administrator use to display the status when a volume layout is being changed A. Vxinfo B. Vxvol C. Vxstat D. vxrelayout Answer: B

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Question No 4: Which command is used to grow an Veritas file system A. Famigadm B. Fsadm C. Fsppadmin D. vxfsconvert Answer: A

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Question No 5: An administrator needs to provides storage for a critical database application that maximizes both database performance and protection against data loses. Which storage configuration should the administrator select A. RAID-5 B. Striping plus mirroring Mirrored-strip or RAID-01 C. Mirroring RAID-1 D. Mirroring plus striping striping-mirror or RAID-1+ Answer: A

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