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Question 1: Scenario: A Citrix Architect needs to design a hybrid XenApp and XenDesktop environment which will include Citrix Cloud as well as resource locations in an on-premises datacenter and Microsoft Azure. Organizational details and requirements are as follows: Active XenApp and XenDesktop Service subscription No existing NetScaler deployment Global Server Load Balancing is used to direct connection requests to Location B if the StoreFront server in Location B fails connections should be directed to Location A. Click the Exhibit button to view the conceptual environment architecture. The architect should use in Location A and should use in Location B. Choose the correct option to complete the sentence. A. NetScaler ADC BYO NetScaler gateway appliance B. NetScaler ADC BYO No NetScaler products C. NetScaler ADC BYO NetScaler ADC BYO D. NetScaler Gateway appliance NetScaler Gateway appliance E. NetScaler Gateway appliance NetScaler ADC BYO Answer: B

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Question 2: A Citrix Architect has deployed NetScaler Management and Analytics System NMAS to monitor a high availability pair of NetScaler VPX devices. The architect needs to deploy automated configuration backup to meet the following requirements: The configuration backup file must be protected using a password. The configuration backup must be performed each day at 8:00 AM GMT. The configuration backup must also be performed if any changes are made in the ns.conf file. Once the transfer is successful auto-delete the configuration file from the NMAS. Which SNMP trap will trigger the configuration file backup A. netScalerConfigSave B. sysTotSaveConfigs C. netScalerConfigChange D. sysconfigSave Answer: A https://www.exams4sure.com/Citrix/1Y0-440-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question 3: Which two features are supported on LbaaSV1 Choose two. A. Cookie Insertion B. Layer 7 Load Balancing C. Certificate Bundle D. Layer 4 Load balancing E. Server name Indicator Answer: D E https://www.exams4sure.com/Citrix/1Y0-440-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question 4: Scenario: A Citrix Architect holds a design discussion with a team of Workspacelab members and they capture the following requirements for the NetScaler design project. A pair of NetScaler MPX appliances will be deployed in the DMZ network and another pair in the internal network. High availability will be accessible between the pair of NetScaler MPX appliances in the DMZ network. Multi-factor authentication must be configured for the NetScaler Gateway virtual server. The NetScaler Gateway virtual server is integrated with the StoreFront server. Load balancing must be deployed for users from the workspacelab.com domain. The workspacelab users should be authenticated using Cert Policy and LDAP. All the client certificates must be SHA 256-signed 2048 bits and have UserPrincipalName as the subject. Single Sign-on must be performed between StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway. After deployment the architect observes that LDAP authentication is failing. Click the Exhibit button to review the output of aaad debug and the configuration of the authentication policy. Exhibit 1 https://www.exams4sure.com/Citrix/1Y0-440-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question 4: https://www.exams4sure.com/Citrix/1Y0-440-practice-exam-dumps.html

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What is causing this issue A. UserNamefield is set as subjection B. Password used is incorrect C. User does NOT exist in database D. IdapLoginName is set as sAMAccountName Answer: A Question 4: https://www.exams4sure.com/Citrix/1Y0-440-practice-exam-dumps.html

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Question 5: A Citrix Architect needs to make sure that maximum concurrent AAA user sessions are limited to 4000 as a security restriction. Which authentication setting can the architect utilize to view the current configuration A. Global Session Settings B. AAA Parameters C. Active User Session D. AAA Virtual Server Answer: A https://www.exams4sure.com/Citrix/1Y0-440-practice-exam-dumps.html

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