Microsoft Lets You Control Your Data through Privacy Dashboard

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Microsoft Lets You Control Your Data through Privacy Dashboard

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Microsoft takes a step towards continuing their commitment of protecting customer’s privacy by introducing privacy dashboard. This web-based dashboard would allow you to see and control your activity data from Microsoft including search, browsing, location, Cortana Notebook data across multiple services provided by them.

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They are expanding the tools that give you more visibility and control over your data that is spanning their products and services. This move is Microsoft’s response to the accusations made on the tech Giant that it is overstepping privacy boundaries with Windows 10 and also an effort to mend the broken trust.

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Let us take a look at how the privacy dashboard is going to empower you:

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You would be able to manage your browsing data by viewing it and clearing it whenever you use Microsoft Edge and  Cortana . It would let you clear your search history, i.e. clear information about your Bing search activity. Microsoft collects your location data when you use their products and services; now you would be able to see and clear it. In order to provide personalized recommendations, Cortana must know about you. Now you would be able to edit Cortana’s Notebook and manage what the virtual assistant knows about you.

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Moreover, to take their commitment further Microsoft is also introducing a new privacy set up experience in Windows 10, further reduced the data collection at Basic level and also simplifying Diagnostic data levels. While addressing privacy, individuals and organizations have distinct needs and Microsoft is keeping that in mind and doing their part to help IT professionals manage telemetry and privacy within their organizations.

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They are simplifying privacy settings in Windows 10 Creators Update and improving the way it is presented to you in order to help you make informed choices about your privacy. Microsoft is striving hard to find the right balance in delivering personalized experiences to their customers which they love and trust.

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