Read 5 Guidelines before Outsourcing WordPress Development


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Planning to Outsource WordPress Development Project! Read guidelines before you take this decision. Learn pros & cons of Outsourcing WordPress Development.


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Read 5 Guidelines Before Outsourcing Wordpress Development:

Read 5 Guidelines Before Outsourcing Wordpress Development

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Content Management Systems  have undergone an evolution with every new upgrade in WordPress framework. With more than 25% of web being powered by WordPress framework, today it is the leading open source CMS framework known for its convenience in website development and blogging.

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We are not unknown to the popularity of WordPress technology. But when if you are thinking of Outsourcing Development, then let me guide you with certain points that you must consider before Outsourcing.

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This must help you in coming to a decision. There can be huge risk while Outsourcing WordPress development . So must be clear with few aspects before you select your IT Outsourcing Partner.

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Guidelines for WordPress Development Clear Communication Start Small Clear Job Description Sharing Your Concept Post Project Work 1 2 3 4 5

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Make sure you have cleared your company mission and the goals that you wish to achieve with this IT project. Your IT partner must have clear understanding on company’s needs and target audience. Communication is a two way process. Clear Communication

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Thus, if your IT partner is prompt in communication and response time is agreeable then you will get an idea of their way of working. Also, dealing with matter of queries needs to be at par. Clear Communication

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You need to be immediate in responding to them in case of questions, so that you are not affecting your own set deadline. Also, they need to be prompt in finishing the task in the stipulated time period. Clear Communication

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It is good to have big plans and even the aim of achieving them. But being realistic is also important. Set goals that you can achieve otherwise it can lead to a downfall and demotivation.  Start Small

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The same goes when you are outsourcing for the first time. Start by outsourcing a small scale project and see how it goes! Start Small

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This will give you an insight and experience with Outsourcing your projects. Taking a risk is good, I am just saying take a calculated risk! Start Small

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The key to finding the right partner is by defining exactly what you need. Bringing clarity in your project requirements gives the calculated outcome. Clear Job Description

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Also, companies looking at it know whether are capable of such projects and thus your sample size of selection is downsized to the potential ones. Clear Job Description

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It is alright to not know about the technological requirement but even by being clear about your objective and goal of creating a solution can do the needful. Elaborate the WordPress Development Expert  about the usability and the required functionality and he/ she could select the appropriate technology requirement to fulfill it. Clear Job Description

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It is always good to set a briefing session every week or two weekly in order to keep things in the loop with the WordPress development team. As WordPress framework allows integration of extensions and plugins easily, it is easier for  WordPress developers to integrate any feature within the scope of the project. Clear Job Description

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Sharing Your Concept Sharing of ideas and opinions always lead to an evolutionary perspective. While outsourcing, you may get quality solutions but it also requires a level of consultancy approach.

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Sharing Your Concept Select an IT Outsourcing Partner that has experience in  WordPress development and can deliver much more than just given specifications.

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Sharing Your Concept Conduct brainstorming sessions and analyze all the aspects of development. Once you have the analysis, take account of those features that can be improved and ask the team of Wordpress developers to avail you with the desired features. As you see, Sharing is always good!

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Post Project Work Once your project is completed, you think the engagement with your partner is complete is untrue. You need to be prepared with for some changes or a bug fix. There are definitely something’s that need to done post project.

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Post Project Work Conduct a post project analysis with the  Website Development Expert  and understand which area may need work. Of course the development process has to include testing but still there are always tweaks necessary post the development project.

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Post Project Work Moreover, in case of WordPress there is always a risk in security, so ensure that you are covered with bug fixes and additional security patches. Original Posted :

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