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If you also want have full design service for your construction projects then Phoenix Design Man is the best! We assist with the sale of the land or we progress to build stage and offer technical design through building control and onto site with the tender process looked after and project management on site.


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What is a Construction Project Feasibility Study What is a feasibility study Feasibility studies are often required when doubt or controversy exists for a proposed development. They are carried out at the beginning of a project. Furthermore they are largely carried out for large or complex projects. In addition to a feasibility study an environmental impact assessment may also need to be completed. The purpose of a feasibility study is to discover the viability of a project. It also identifies how feasible the project is. Furthermore it is useful in assisting with documentation for a project. Such documentation includes a business case execution plan and strategic brief. Large projects sometimes require multiple feasibility studies. Markedly this is because a range of skill sets are sometimes required.

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What issues does a feasibility study cover Planning permission Environmental impact assessments Legal statutory approvals Analysing budget based on client requirements Assessing existing buildings for re-use instead of building new ones Assessing site information which is provided by the client Site appraisals covering a range of topics. E.g. geotechnical studies contamination assessment service availability adjoining land uses easements restrictive covenants environmental assessments Compiling solutions to access difficult sites Looking at included accommodation juxtaposition and preparing basic stacking diagrams Maintenance operational issues Servicing strategy appraisal Programme considerations Procurement options Who is involved in the feasibility study process Feasibility studies can involve a range of people or organisations. Correspondingly stakeholders authorities and third parties can all be involved in compiling a feasibility study. An assessment may be required. This may happen if the client decides to move on to the next stage or not. Such assessments are carried out in a structured way. Ultimately information should be presented in an easy to understand format.

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This allows easy sharing and understanding by a range of people. Furthermore it should be named stored in a suitable way. Unquestionably this ensures it suits long term operational needs. Contact Phoenix Design Man today to find out more about feasibility studies Phoenix Design Man are able to conduct feasibility studies. This includes residential commercial architecture land development. Correspondingly by conducting a feasibility study we can help inform clients on a projects potential. Contact us today to see how we can help. Visit for more info at https://phoenixdesignman.co.uk

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