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Phoenix Design Man are renowned architects with great experience in building commercial architecture, residential architecture and land development projects. We offer the best 3D visualization in Darlington at the most reasonable prices.


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Shop Fitting and Customer Experience Correct fit out of a retail store is essential. It affects how successfully customers are able to search for purchase products. The overall aim of effective shop fitting is to attract customers into a store. Effective shop fitting allows them to browse easily ultimately make a purchase. This can be achieved through a strong layout high quality materials enticing displays. Before a fit-out project commences a number of important things need to be considered. It is important to consider how customers move throughout the store. It is also important how they discover products. Ultimately how they reach the customer service payment area is also important. Shop Fitting Affects Customer Buying Power

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What techniques constitute an effective shop fit out • Effective customer movement: Customers can be encouraged throughout a store with effective placement of display stands signs guiding customers along the correct route. Customers should be able to move through the store conveniently. Subsequently they should be able to access all the main areas of the store with ease. • Well-designed back-of-house areas: It is important to consider how staff use back of house areas. Furthermore staffs lives can be made easier by utilising easy to reach racking clear storage areas. • Suitable lighting: Using the correct type of lighting in a retail environment is important to showcase products in the most effective way. Moreover using correct lighting helps provide a bright modern environment in which customers can shop in. • Appropriate product density: The amount of products to display on shelves is dependent on the types of product the retailer is selling. For example the way products are displayed in a discount store is completely different to that of a high end luxury fashion retailer.

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• Use of technology: There are many different types of technology which can be used in a store to improve customer experience. For example plasma displays interactive screens smart beacons which communicate with customers as they walk through the store. • Flexible spaces: It is really important to consider flexibility in a retail space. Throughout the year promotions products change. And so does the requirement to change displays. Such features as movable racking shelving allow quick easy re- configuration. Conversely this is regardless of what is being sold. • Strongly designed shop fit: Ensure that you employ a reputable shopfitting service that puts your needs first. Ensure your shop fitter are capable of coming up with a truly bespoke solution perfect for your needs. Most shop fitting services include design installation. However you can hire separate designers fitters.

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Contact Phoenix Design Man Today for your Shop Fitting Needs In this post we have talked about the importance of shopfitting design. Shop fit design can have a huge effect on customer buying decisions. Fortunately there are a number of successful techniques that can support this. Are you a new business owner that has acquired a premises Do you require design fit out Perhaps you have owned your business for a number of years require an updated customer experience Contact Phoenix Design Man today to see how we can help you with your shopfitting needs. Visit for more info at https://phoenixdesignman.co.uk

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