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http://makeamillionwith.paulalcock.com/ Tried flipping multi million dollar businesses with no money down? Let us show you how it is done. Not a get rich quick scheme, this is a get VERY rich slowly scheme. Genuine way to make money, start a business by buying a profitable business with none of your own money. Happens in property (real estate) investment on a regular basis, why not other businesses?


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Flipping Fantastic Froome!!:

Flipping Fantastic Froome!! Congratulations to British Cyclist Chris Froome , flipping marvellous. Winner of the 100th Tour De France on the 21st July 2013.

More about Flipping:

More about Flipping When I was young my Mother would use the term, 'Flipping' in place of a rather more offensive word. Many of you will be familiar with the term flipping in relation to property (real estate) investment. Possibly along with no money down deals too. Today I would like to tell you about another type of flipping, also with no money down , that could make you very rich. Not a get rich quick scheme but a get very rich slowly scheme.

This is Flipping Fantastic:

This is Flipping Fantastic Flipping multi million dollar businesses with no money down! I will let Mike Warren , the author of the book on flipping that I have just finished reading, explain. ' Flip a Business OR Flip a House? Sounds interesting right? Have you ever heard of business flipping? It's where YOU find a nice business that is doing about $1 million a year in gross revenue. You then buy that business using the businesses own cash . So You literally have no money out of pocket. Once I buy the company I typically triple it's profits in about 12 months. I then position the company so that I can sell it after 24 months. Right now you may be thinking that it sounds like a lot of work. Let me let you in on a secret .'

Flip Away:

Flip Away ' I not only buy the company no money down, but I get someone else to run the company and do everything that needs to be done to grow it quickly. Along the way I make a $5,000 -$20,000 a month salary out of the business while we grow it to be sold. In essence it is just like buying a house and reselling it. You can buy a house no money down and you can buy a business no money down. You can get rental income from a house and I can get cash flow from the business. You sell the house for a profit down the road and I sell the business down the road (typically 24-36 months). The big difference in the two scenarios is that I make 100x more "rent" and I also make 50-100 times profit when it is sold! Have I gotten your attention?'

Flipping Businesses?:

Flipping Businesses? 'Would you like to learn how I do it? No I do not have a home study course to sell you so relax. I am going to do a FREE training webinar to show you what I do and how you can do the same thing. This is a training call only. THERE WILL BE NO SALES. "Flipping Businesses Instead of Houses" Are you finally ready for something new that no one else is teaching? Something that brings in a 6-figure salary today while giving you a 7-figure or even 8-figure payday down the road. You heard me right; 8-figures. That's go to the beach and throw your phone in the water kind of money because YOU ARE RETIRED.'

Flipping Webinar:

Flipping Webinar 'Let me leave you with the thought about Flipping Businesses Instead of Houses... Do you want to own a million dollar company for no money down and the day that you buy it you are making a 6-figure salary? If you said yes then I will see you on the webinar. What's more important, the 6-figure salary or the 7-figure payday? Why not have both, lol! All attendees will also get a copy of my new book "How To Buy A Business Using Its Own Cash" To something different, Mike Warren

Flipping Terrific Mike:

Flipping Terrific Mike Thanks Mike. As we have friends in all timezones around the world we have set the schedule for the webinars to suit everyone. Click this video now, or the link below it, to check the webinar schedule most suitable for you. Paul makeamillionwith.paulalcock.com

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