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Paul Kwan (Maybank) started off while pursuing IT world through his own IT firm in September 2017. Sunideas is a startup firm and Paul Kwan Singapore is accredited for this innovative initiative. To know more about him visit his official site


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Paul Kwan CEO & Founder at Sunideas “Former Regional Chief Information Officer at Maybank Kim Eng | Former Chief Information Officer, Asia at Millennium Partners | Former Head of Technical Support at MPG Operations, LLC”

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Paul Kwan is a talented IT professional and he is acknowledged for his incredible analytical skills. His ability to develop new strategies and implement new concepts is unmatched and unsurpassed.

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Paul Kwan started his career as the first Unix System Administrator at Toronto Stock Exchange nearly a decade ago. He has marked a number of milestones and all of them enhanced his experience list.

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Paul Kwan is the founder of Sunideas and is working as its CEO at the current moment. This company is an exclusive initiative that focuses on technological developments and new technologies.

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P Paul Kwan CEO & Founder at Sunideas Paul Kwan ( Maybank ) partnered with Millennium Partners back in 2003 and remained linked to them for more or less 12 years.

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He worked as a head of technical support for almost 6 years and Chief information officer of Asia for another 6 years owing to his beyond description abilities.

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Paul Kwan is offered exceptional services as an Executive Director, enterprise technology at Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong. He has incomparable interpersonal skills along with management abilities.

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THANK YOU To know more about him visit his official site

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