Role of a manager in an eye hospital


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Role of an manager in an Eye Hospital:

Role of an manager in an Eye Hospital

Manager-why he is needed? :

Manager-why he is needed? To make sure hospitals operate efficiently provide adequate medical care to patients Integrate the activities of the departments and act as decision maker plan, organize, direct, control and coordinate medical and health services. To plan individual departmental activities, evaluate doctor To create and maintain policies

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‘We cannot do today’s job with yesterdays methods and be in business tomorrow.’ Purpose: To achieve and exceed the assigned objective by ensuring that each and every member of the team achieves / surpasses his or her respective objective .

Dimensions :

Dimensions Act as a tutor Act as a supervisor Act as a mentor Act as a motivator Act as a leader



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Patient care Manager – who is liaison between hospital & patient. Conscious about the patient inflow ensure the patient comments are received and remedy was taken Analyzing the needs of the patients. assessing patient perspective while preparing patient satisfaction questionnaires and guidelines for follow-up.

Day to day activities:

Day to day activities Patient monitoring Recording Patient complaints crowd management utilization of Doctors and Staffs Consistent monitoring of inflow and outflow of the patients.

Manager role in- quality:

Manager role in- quality

Short term/Long term role :

Short term/Long term role Bench Marking Measuring Quality Outcome Monitoring Information monitoring

Role in Human Resource:

Role in Human Resource Staffing Recruitment and training Analyzing performance Ensuring manpower around the clock Strengthening the capacity Designing Personnel procedures.

Role in EDP:

Role in ED P Data Management Data storage/processing Employing technical support/assistance. Innovative technology adoption Team development .

Role in Finance:

Role in Finance Maintaining financial structure. Designing a proper package rates. Budgeting & Forecasting monitoring of funds Liaison with the law terms/government schemes . To enforce the health insurance/TPA compatible with the organisation .

Role in-operations:

Role in-operations Take corrective action in situations requiring immediate intervention, interpretation and administration of hospital policy and work rules. Intervene and problem solves for inter-/intra-departmental issues. Facilitate interdepartmental communication, negotiation and decision-making. Standard Intervene in situations involving patients, visitors, hospital staff . Maintain interface with departmental personnel to ensure there is adequate space and facilities for patient care and coordination of facilities.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Oversee patient care flow while redirecting and allocating resources. Determine necessary space, equipment, supplies and support systems to ensure effective functioning of unit/department. Document pertinent information, actions and decisions and communicates to appropriate leadership. Assist in evaluating and reassigning staff during crisis situations

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