Patrick Burns Auburn WA Is a Successful Law Professional With Rich Exp

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Patrick Burns Auburn WA Is a Successful Law Professional With Rich Experience

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Patrick Burns is a renowned name in Auburn, WA. He is acknowledged for his contribution to the growth of legal system and improvement of justice administration. Currently, he is a Pro-Tem Judicial Officer at Kent and Kirkland Municipal courts. In addition, he has been a diligent member of South King County Bar Association Board, DMCJA Legislative Committee, DMCJA Salary and Benefits Committee, Washington State Therapeutic Courts Committee. Judge Patrick Burns Auburn also researched and worked on various projects including Substance Abuse Providers Standards Project and Inter-jurisdictional Warrant Quashing Project.

His Academic Background:

Patrick Burns Judge has a brilliant academic background. He received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington in 1975. He later enrolled in a School of Law at the University of Puget. In 1998, he joined Washington State Judicial College and then attended National Judicial College to study General Jurisdiction. His Academic Background

His Professional Experience:

His Professional Experience Patrick Burns Auburn WA kick started his professional career in 1978. He opened up his private practice in Auburn with a specialization in Family Law, Civil Litigation, and Criminal Defense. He worked as an independent lawyer for almost twenty years and gained immense experience. With his commitment to public service, dedication, and compassion, he helped a number of people seeking justice.

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His hard work and consistent efforts paid him well as in 1998, he was selected as a Presiding Judge at Auburn Municipal Court. Patrick Burns rendered fair and unbiased judgments during his tenure ship and continued this job until 2012. He was appreciated for his firmness, ability to decide impartially and, industrious work ethic. Sequentially, he was offered the position of a faculty member at Judicial College in 1999. As a teacher, he was well liked amongst his students for his clear and easy to understand explanations. He imparted knowledge and wisdom to the students and made a great contribution to their learning experience.

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Thank You Patrick Burns Auburn WA

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