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A little about myself : 

A little about myself First name: Patricia. Last name: Valle. Nickname: Patty. Age: 18. I live in Maracaibo, Venezuela I am a student to URBE. Race: social communication. Mention: advertising and public relations. Hobbies: shopping, reading, listening to music, tennis and chocolate. What I like to do: travel. I always carry it with me: my cell phone. My favorite food: Italian food and snacks. My family: especially my grandparents, my mom and dad.

Plate typical of Asturias : 

Plate typical of Asturias Ingredients: Sausages Four. Half bottle of cider. A sprig of laurel. Preparation: Cook the sausages in the pan with the cider and bay leaf. We leave the sausages for about 15 minutes or so, we take them out for cut into slices. Place on a plate or a clay pot. Chorizo with cider

The family of Felipe de BorbÓn Price of Asturias : 

The Prince of Asturias has become a mature man, a father, husband and above all, committed with the responsibility of being the heir to the throne of Spain. Prince Philip comes from a tree great genealogic, but the family itself is small. The make up his wife Princess Letizia and her two infant daughters Leonor and Sofia. The family of Felipe de BorbÓn Price of Asturias

"Heed the heart to get to be happy" : 

"Heed the heart to get to be happy" Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia Princesses Leonor and Sofía On November 1 2003, Prince Philip announced engagement with the journalist Letizia Ortiz. The wedding was held on May 22, 2004 in the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid. On October 31, 2005, Princess Letizia gave birth to daughter, the Infant Leonor, the eldest daughter of the heir to the throne and second in line of succession to the Spanish Crown. On April 29, 2007 gave birth to her second child, Princess Sophia, who became the third in line of succession to the Crown.


REFLECTION English is the global language. It's great that our country d universities as taught in schools as chair, as well as businesses today, when leaning more professional looking for professional bilingual. Well about the would put, I found it interesting, I can not say that now I am an expert speaking English, but learned to handle a little more, because this language is not my forte. The teacher was very nice, was very patient and always tried to teach the subject in the best way possible. Concluding the groin is a very important language. It is, in short, a language that everyone, like it or not, we must accept. And never too late to learn! Patricia C. Valle V.Peace and love

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