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My name is Nurangely Carroz I am seventeen years old My favorite Singer is Ricardo Arjona I am from Venezuela I have an iPod, is small, gray, and has many songs I am a student from URBE My favorite subject is Introduction to mass media My favorite food is PIZZA My family is big. My mother is Nuris and my father is Angel. ABOUT ME

A. PERSONAL ITEMSthat is a blue sweater : 

A. PERSONAL ITEMSthat is a blue sweater UNIT #3 INTERESTING PRODUCTS B. MODERN ELECTRONICS He has a Camera, is small, black and professional

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A. EVERIDAY ACTIVITIES What is he doing? He is waving B. AT SCHOOL He received military training in the general academy of Zaragoza UNIT #4 ACTIVITIES AND INTERST

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REFLEXION Thank you, I hope you liked. I learned many new things at this time. I hope to learn English because it is an importante languaje and it is fun.

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