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The 2015 Bike Tyre Sealant Range from OKO Group 12/15/2015 1


12/15/2015 2 OKO GROUP OKO invented the first effective tyre sealant in 1978 OKO sealants are developed with the world's leading rubber & tyre development institute Over the past 37 years, OKO has become the largest supplier of tyre sealants to militaries, mining, construction and industrial companies in the world In 2010, it launched its Bike range and developed it every year since In 2015, OKO Bike sealants take a further step ahead BACKGROUND


OK O ’ s bike tyre sealant range covers all types of tyres - tube, tubeless; road, off-road; BMX, trekking, city; and for all conditions. NOW WITH THREE GREAT NEW SEALANTS - New OKO PUNCTURE FREE – lighter, stronger than ever: for all-purpose puncture prevention on and off road. Instantly seals punctures up to 4 mm New OKO X-TREME – also now lighter & stronger: for serious off-road MTB and Cross Country riding. Seals punctures and slits up to 7 mm. NO OTHER sealant comes close NEW - OKO MAGIC MILK the <Lo-Fat> lightweight sealant for tubeless-ready conversions. Also great for road racing use 12/15/2015 3 OKO BIKE SEALANTS


12/15/2015 4 USER BENEFITS Water-based OKO Puncture Free & X- Treme last for the life of the tyre, unlike others ’ latex-based products which need replacing after three months Synthetic latex Magic Milk lasts longer than other latex brands and seals better They all instantly seal multiple punctures with minimal loss of air or sealant All environmentally safe, containing rust inhibitor, and will not damage rims, tyre casings or inner tubes Rigorously tested in all conditions: functional in extreme heat and cold


BIKE RANGE OUTLINE OKO Puncture Free Bike - in 250 ml bottles, for 2-4 tyres depending on size; and 25 litre drums for workshop use OKO X-TREME - in 400 ml bottles - for more than two 26" MTB tyres; and 25 litre drums OKO Magic Milk- in 250 ml bottles - for more than four 26" MTB tyres or eight road racing tyres. NEW for 2015/16: 500ml and 1 litre sizes Now TWO OKO Tyre Sealant Injectors -provide accurate, clean injection of sealants in both Schräder and Presta valves with removable stem cores. 60ml amd 150ml OKO Self-Sealing Inner Tubes (now in 10 types) - the easy way to get OKO security -especially for Presta valve fans 12/15/2015 5


12/15/2015 6 The best all-purpose flat tyre preventer Now seals holes up to 4 mm Lighter than Slime, Joe ’ s, Dr. Sludge, etc. Contains Schräder valve core remover Free-flowing new formula Works on multiple punctures Lasts the life of the tyre Suitable for on or off road use For tubes or UST tubeless New metallic label design 250ml bottle PUNCTURE FREE


12/15/2015 7 The Ultimate Off-Road Sealant 400 ml 1-bike Bottle X-TREME Seals slits, snake bites and holes like no other product Now deals with slits up to 7mm Lighter, smoother formula For tubes & UST tubeless In real-world riding, nothing else comes close New metallic label design


12/15/2015 8 The <Lo-Fat> Tyre Sealant NEW FOR 2015/2016: NOW in 250, 500 ml &1 litre sizes MAGIC MILK Takes tubeless conversion sealing to a whole new level Synthetic latex formula lasts longer, deals with porous tubeless-ready tyres Seals holes up to 3mm & rim/bead leaks Tyre and rim-friendly, does not smell horrible, ALLERGY-FREE No other competitor is lighter STOP PRESS: Habitat MTB World Cup team switches from Stan ’ s to Magic Milk!


12/15/2015 9 Extra service to riders Easy to apply with unique calibrated pump Exceptional margin Ideal for Teams too P/Free and X- Treme available THE CASE FOR OKO DRUMS IN BIKE WORKSHOPS Schräder & Presta Exact dose adjustment


12/15/2015 10 TYRE SEALANT INJECTORS NEW 150ml and 60ml sizes Patented design Presta / Schräder screw fitting No mess when applying 6-language pack design Injects precise dose Multiple uses in workshop Reusable product - lifetime use


SELF-SEALING INNER TUBES Pre-filled with OKO Puncture Free The easiest way to fit OKO High-quality butyl inner tubes NEW 16 ” Schräder (folding & kids bikes) 20 ” Schräder 26 ” Schräder & Presta (normal & wide) 700C Schräder & Presta ( inc. e-bikes) NEW 29 ” Schräder & Presta Attractive 6-language varnished boxes 12/15/2015 11


12/15/2015 12 MARKETING SUPPORT MATERIALS A3 Poster NEW Range Brochure Data Sheets


12/15/2015 13 COMPETITIVE OKO ADVANTAGES OVER OTHER BIKE SEALANTS Superior technology Longer effective life Lighter – less weight Combat larger punctures Seal multiple holes Contain corrosion inhibitors Non Hazardous


Retail price advantage vs. Slime, Stan ’ s No-Tubes, Joe ’ s No Flats Greater dealer margins Technical superiority Complete range Unique drum programme for workshops 12/15/2015 14 THE RETAIL ADVANTAGE

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