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Paatlidun is a 5 star best luxury resort in Jim Corbett, paatlidun is one of the luxrious resort in jim corbett. The sensory pleasures of Jim Corbett are best explored slowly with Patlidun - Wildlife luxury resort. visit our website http://patlidun.com


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THE BRAND_ PAATLIDUN Safari Lodge brings you luxury at the heart of Indias vernacular traditions. We believe that the opulence you desire shouldnt isolate you from exploring local culture. Luxury doesnt have to insulate you from soaking in rich vibrant and wonderfully varied traditions rather the two can go hand in hand. The indigenous architecture decorated with traditional art and handicrafts and imbued with a sense of local culture to give you a taste of authentic native life in unmatched luxury. At PAATLIDUN Safari Lodge we are re-imagining what luxury travel can look like- the infinite possibilities and enthralling experiences we can offer our guests. Our endless endeavor is to help you to open your senses to the world and soak in memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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THE RECEIVING AREA _ 2 km before PAATLIDUN you break your journey in this cheerful outpost that is tastefully decorated with shoots of yellow tiger bamboo sunflowers and potted plants. While you freshen up your luggage is transferred to the Lodge and check in formalities completed. Sip a chilled drink and relax on the rooftop deck overhanging with boughs and leaves. Youll be glad for the break it mentally prepares you for the last leg of your journey-an exhilarating session of off-roading on a 45-degree mountain incline.

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warm welcome_ The sensory pleasures of the jungle are best explored slowly and PAATLIDUN Wildlife Lodge’s elegant yet wild spaces help the wildlife buff to do exactly that with oodles of style. This Luxury Wildlife Lodge captures the essence of unspoilt Nature weaves it with Kumaoni hospitality and brings you the plushest retreat you’ll encounter in the untamed wilds. This is as close as it gets to the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve. The premium luxury wildlife resort is located at the edge of the Park and is frequently visited by tuskers at night and wild boars who like to dig up the grounds. You might not be too keen to meet them alone but with the expert Naturalists of PAATLIDUN you’ll readily explore the enchanting sights and sounds of the forest.

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get your bearings This vantage point gives you a birds eye view of the scenic landscape in this part of the Shivaliks. Standing at the rooftop you can see the Outer Himalayas rising in the North river Kosi flowing from the East to the South and rooftops of cottages peeping out from tree cover. This is a good place to orient yourself with the lay of the land collect binoculars your personal walky-talky and some well-meaning advice on not to venture out alone after dark. In Kumaon Thulkudi means big house and indeed its designed like one decorated with local handicrafts. At night you can gaze at the diamond-studded sky with the telescope and spotting scope stationed here or unwind in the breezy rooftop pavilion open on three sides. THULKUDI- THE BRIEFING POINT_

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under the heavens leaves you coming back for more…

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LUXURY COTTAGE_ Built on a sumptuous 1750 sq. feet the Luxury Cottages are designed to reflect Paatlidun’s philosophy of embracing the outdoors. So you’ll see large French windows in every room that frame the steamy outdoors. A window is even positioned directly above the master bed so you can have unhurried conversations with Nature. It’s aptly called the ‘Star Window’ because it lets you gaze at the diamond-studded sky when curled up in bed. In the morning you are kissed awake by the warm rays of the sun as it moves over your bed. You can also savour the outdoors in your private verandahs and sit outs that bring the exotic jungle right to your doorstep. A weathered cane fence encloses the large poolside courtyard and gives you just the right blend of privacy and the exotic wilds.

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a royal repose

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PREMIUM LUXURY COTTAGE _ Built on a luxurious 2200 sq feet our 8 Premium Luxury Cottages are well-spaced in an expanse of 13 acres to ensure that you have uninterrupted solitude and privacy. An enchanting star bed on the roof has been specially created so you sleep under a star-studded night sky. Watch shooting stars light up the inky blackness above hear the night sounds of the jungle and shiver as a cool breeze ruffles your hair. Private verandahs seemingly let the jungle right in while the secluded courtyard in the front adds a charming rustic appeal. Each cottage-suite has its own dipping pool and sun beds – the perfect way to unwind after a safari in the jungle. There is an open air shower in case you fancy a bath al fresco wooden chaise lounge chairs in your backyard invite you to put your feet up and enjoy a sundowner to the sound of chirping crickets

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elegant secluded spaces

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unmatched luxury and stunning private open spaces when was the last time you were star struck

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BRAHMAKAMAL- THE SPA_ pamper your senses Brahmakamal offers a unique approach that unites a pioneering spirit with treatments that go beyond ordinary. You will find an intuitive mix of science and human awareness as the high-touch approach defines a service that is crafted around the individual leaving you relaxed and calm.

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RISYA- THE RESTAURANT_ When the smells wafting out of the restaurant become irresistible follow your nostrils to a sumptuous meal. The old-world charm of the snug red brick Risya will invigorate your appetite as you dig into mouth-watering fare. Post dinner take a walk through the discreetly lit grounds and inhale the sweet smell of night jasmine and summer grass. The noisy cicadas and fireflies in the bushes will guide you back.

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CHAKH- THE RECREATION SPOT_ Troop into Chakh and collapse in the comfy sofas to catch your breath. As evening progresses enjoy a drink from our premium collection and unwind in dark-wood elegance. You can relive the memories of the day as you watch your photos in glorious detail on our wide screen AV projector. Hearty laughter and lively chatter fill the warm cosy Chakh as you swap tales of the forest and swashbuckling adventures while night descends upon the forest outside. You can leaf through our enviable collection of books on wildlife and the history of Kumaon or relive the good old days with an old-fashioned board game. You can also browse through our collection of handpicked wildlife movies and documentaries select a favourite and settle down for a spectacular show. At PAATLIDUN we create the perfect setting for you to put up your feet up and relax in oodles of style.

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the plushest retreat you’ll encounter in the untamed wilds…

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Dhaba - desi delights To give an edge PAATLIDUN has a tea stall maintained in a traditional way within our premises. You will find yourself sipping on a specially prepared tea and munching on Kumaoni snacks while you take in the serene views and calmness of the surroundings.

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KHILAD – ACTIVITY ZONE_ E a t . P l a y . R e l a x While you soak in the rugged luxury of PAATLIDUN you can keep yourself entertained in our fully equipped indoor game area. Challenge your friend to a nail-biting Foosball game or battle it out in Air Hockey. If you want to take it slow -paced make your way to the pool table or join the kids in a spirited game of Carom. We also have chess and other board games for those who want to exercise their grey matter. An experience at the play area and childhood memories are sure to come flooding back. You’ll fondly remember long afternoons spent squabbling over whose move it was and whether the striker touched a coin or not. It will also sharply bring back fond memories of laughter fun and care-free days.

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sunrise himalayan ride There’s nothing quite like waking up in the mountains except of course waking up in the mountains to a stunning view and sumptuous breakfast. Early in the morning when it’s still dark outside we pack a picnic breakfast for you and drive you to the ridge at the far end of the Resort. The crisp mountain air will jolt you awake as you jolt along on the 4WD. But what will truly leave you wide-eyed in wonder is the fluid panorama that plays out before your eyes: as the first rays of the sun shoot into the inky blue sky the horizon changes colour to a deep mauve. Then it is shot with rosy hued streaks of pink until it slowly thaws into rich full-bodied saffron. Admire the view while you sip hot coffee served on the bonnet of the 4WD and watch the stars pop and vanish one by one. The sun then peeks out from behind the treetops igniting the long blades of grass and silhouetting the hills. Feast your eyes as you feast on the mouth-watering spread from your picnic basket. Sink your teeth in cheesy croissants fresh strawberry jam and crisp wafers. From your vantage point you have a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. Our naturalist who accompanies you for the drive will give you a broad idea of the lay of the land. As your eyes skim over the treetops you’ll see flocks of birds flying upwards and the jungle slowly coming to life. Never again will you have an experience that truly brings to life the adage ‘Breakfast like a king’.

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picnic at the kosi river _ At the Kosi River you can watch elephants bathing shooting jets of water at each other looking so playful you are sorely tempted to join them. Here we take you for a Hi Tea or a Picnic Lunch. If you are adventurous enough swimming can be an option for you and it is a delight to watch the birds in this area

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Explore the woods_

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wander in the woods scout for prey_

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phantom of the jungle explore the wild_

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Birding paradise

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PAATLIDUN SAFARI LODGE A Unit of Templeton Suites Resorts Call : +91 9999 338 886 Visit : www.paatlidun.com Email : contactpaatlidun.com

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