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www.GingerBratzel.com Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about eliminating toxic relationships, from all sources, in your dental practice and in your personal life. This can be from a patient that is a total pain to deal with, or business colleagues like your lab company. Visit: http://gingerbratzel.com/eliminating-toxic-relationships/


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GingerBratzel.com Eliminating Toxic Relationships Ginger Bratzel, DDS Your New Patient Attraction Expert


Most dentists are very passionate about their careers. You do great work and love what you do. But…. GingerBratzel.com


GingerBratzel.com I see all too often dentists are in relationships they have no business being in. Both professionally and personally.


Practice growth and personal growth go hand in hand. And some times part of that growth is cutting toxic relationships out of your life in order to grow. GingerBratzel.com


You are a direct product of the 5 people you spend the most time with. GingerBratzel.com


Me personally – I want to connect with people ahead of me in their career because I want to ascend to their level . GingerBratzel.com


GingerBratzel.com I want you to know you don’t need to be the smartest person in the room. This even includes who you hire to work for you. Always hire smarter.


If they aren’t smarter than you , then they’re behind you. Don’t get someone that will pull you down. Look for team members who want to advance and grow with you . GingerBratzel.com


Have a team member that brings everyone down with their negativity ? Have a patient that you dread seeing ? Even a friend that is holding you back with them ? Maybe it’s time to let them go. GingerBratzel.com


This is exactly why I love my private client mastermind group. It is a group of like-minded dentists who all want to grow together. GingerBratzel.com Visit PatientAttractionCoaching.com if you are ready to advance to the next level.


See full video with on eliminating toxic relationships from your life at … bit.ly/1SGGljR GingerBratzel.com


Ginger Bratzel, DDS Your New Patient Attraction Expert For more information on Attracting more patients, Creating sustainable growth And increasing your production . Head over to GingerBratzel.com today! Contact us at Results@GingerBratzel.com or C all 405-225-0254 Find my latest book on Amazon today!

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