Prophet Lukau To Motivate People For Better Life

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Prophet Lukau To Motivate People For Better Life There are various pastors all around but no one is famous than Pastor Alph who has reached to the top most position by performing honest and good work. He is the one always be in a limelight and known for great healing powers which shaped the lives of all. Pastor Alph Lukau is known as the general overseer and most senior pastor of Alleluia Ministries International or AMI and running this so great church for years now. Today the church and Pastor Alph both have many followers not just from Africa but all over the world and often visited to get great enlightenment for healthy and peaceful life. He is known for various reasons all around the world including using power of the Holy Spirit to bless and heal the sick people through Jesus Christ. Pastor Lukau is with the AMI for over 20 years now and doing great that is why the ministry often visited by many people all around. He is having various sons and daughters who were sent to all around the world to spread the gospel and he has imparted great spiritual power on them as well so that they can help people and meet their healing and counselling needs. Prophet Alph is just not a pastor but a famous businessman as well hence formed up a great group in South Africa and has since developed a strong presence in many countries in the world. The group consist of the following companies: AL Strategic Investments to the AL C Capital AL Strategic Investments and many more and he has covered up all the popular domains to help people and get more business.

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Today Prophet Lukau is called as the richest pastor in the world and followed by many people in order to get inspiration and learn great things from him.

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