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Goochland County School Board Regular Monthly Meeting:

Goochland County School Board Regular Monthly Meeting Date: April 4, 2012 Location: Goochland High School Auditorium

The Proposed Agenda…:

The Proposed Agenda… 1. Call to Order 2. Moment of Silence 3. Pledge of Allegiance 4. Additions/Amendments to Proposed Agenda 5. Adoption of Agenda 6. Recognitions 7. Announcements/Reminders 8. First Public Comment Period 9. Consent Items 10. Action Items

The Proposed Agenda Continued…:

The Proposed Agenda Continued… 11. Information Items 12. Old Business 13. New Business 14. Second Public Comment Period 15. Board Member Updates 16. Closed Meeting 17. Adjournment

School Board Members:

School Board Members Dr. Underwood, Superintendent Diane Bennett, Clerk Beth Hardy, Chairman of the School Board Michael Payne, District 1 Representative Kevin Hazzard , District 2 Representative John Lumpkin, District 3 Representative Elizabeth Hardy, District 4 Representative John Wright, District 5 Representative

Audience Members Include::

Audience Members Include: Dr. Underwood, The Superintendent Goochland Middle School and all three Goochland Elementary School Principals Tom DeWeerd , The Director of Secondary Education Steve Geyer, The Elementary Supervisor General public included teachers, parents, students, community members, etc. Before awards were given, there were approximately 75 people. After the awards, there were approximately 25 individuals in attendance.

A Few Important Notes..:

A Few Important Notes.. Most decisions by the School B oard are made in closed sessions There are bylaws that prohibit the School Board from immediately responding to individuals during the public comment periods The Editor of the Goochland Gazette attends each meeting to put together a write up for the county paper Each meeting is video recorded and posted on-line for public view

First Public Comment Period:

First Public Comment Period Two individuals spoke: Parent of a high school student spoke about the ineffectiveness of the student parking lot monitor because his son skipped class without getting caught Female High School student voiced concerns about the depleting High S chool robotics team The team isn’t given sufficient funding or space to practice, but does rank very high in terms of competition on the state level

Discussed Issues and Decisions:

Discussed Issues and Decisions Security Cameras: The school board and the head of maintenance discussed how to fix a broken front security camera Decision: Authorized repair rather than buying a new camera Organizational Chart: the School Board wanted to change positions within Central Office Decision: Approved Appointments: School Board announced the new Director of Elementary Education as well as a few other jobs

How Were Decisions Reached?:

How Were Decisions Reached? Security Camera Decision: The board spoke with the head of maintenance about possible solutions and then voted on the one they thought was best. Organizational Chart: The board proposed the idea and voted on if they wanted it passed Appointments: Decided in closed session and announced at the School Board meeting.

My Reaction…:

My Reaction… Not at all what I expected. My Mom is a teacher in the county and she came with me and also warned me that it was going to be boring. I thought there would at least be more discussion and talking about how to improve things. When the meeting first began, the members were practically murmuring through getting the minutes approved. I had no clue what they were talking about or why they were talking about it at that point in time. Seemed to me like most of what they did could’ve been done on their own time.

Quotes and Quotes and Quotes:

Quotes and Quotes and Quotes “Open board meetings obviously enhance school-community relations and allow parents and other citizens to understand the issues encompassing the system’s schools as well as to air their concerns” (Ornstein, 2011). Meetings such as the one I attended are open and both a parent and a student spoke about their concerns in which they hoped the board would be able to help their cause. “A recent nationwide survey from the National School Board Association reports that the number of women on local school boards in 2002 stood at fort percent, up from 33 percent in 1981” (Ornstein, 2011). Of our five member school board, only one member is female. Although one out of five isn’t 40%, it’s still less than the amount of men that represent school board members.

Textbook Reference:

Textbook Reference Ornstein, A.C., Levine, D.U. & Gutek , G.L. (2011). Foundations of education. (11th ed.). Belmont: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.

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