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Looking at Shot Types.:

Looking at Shot Types. I’m going to be looking at a song from the ‘country pop’ genre. I am going to investigate the range shot types used in during the performance shots in the video for the song ‘7 things’ by Miley Cyrus

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After a very short introduction, Miley starts to sing. The first shot we see is a close up of the of her singing . The next performance shot is after a sequence of close up of various other girls, the next performance shot is a slightly more extreme close up. There are a series of cut away shots showing girls from a similar age holding objects with possible sentimental value.

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The next performance shot is a mid shot of the artist, she in bright clothing and is clearly the main focus of the of this shot in particular. Looking at the short types, I have also found that there is a clear pattern. Close-up to mid shot, with the performance shots in-between with the cuts going to the beat of the music. This is what creates continuity and is something my team will need to take into consideration when editing.

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I also looked at the performance shots from Taylor Swift’s video for the country pop song, mean. I am going to investigate patterns in shot types used.

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The video opens with a sequence of performance shots starting with a close up, cutting to a mid shot, before a long shot. First showing her emotion suggesting that is the most important aspect of the video. The audience is then introduced to Taylors props, costume and location. This pattern of shot types continues throughout the performance shots, keeping the continuity.

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