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Three men in a boat:

Three men in a boat by Jerome  Klapka  Jerome

About the author:

About the author The author, Jerome k Jerome was born in Walsall, Staffordshine, England, on 2 nd May 1859. His early upbringing was done in London and he studied in Marylebone Grammar School. At the age of fifteen he had lost both his parents and had to take up a job as a railway clerk. Later on he took up different vocations – school teacher, actor, journalist. In 1888 he married Georgina Henrietta Stanley. His first publication was “ Idle Thoughts of an Idle fellow” followed by his famous “ Three Men in a Boat”. He became famous both as a playwright and a novelist. He also served in the French Red Cross during World War I before his death on 14 th June 1927 .

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Jerome K. Jerome

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Chapter XVIII


Summary The left Streatley early the next morning, and pulled up to Culham, and slept under the canvas, in the backwater there. They pleasantly broke the monotony of pulling. The writer is reminded of an accident George and he had at Hampton Court one summer morning. It was a glorious day, and the lock was crowded; and, as is a common practice up the river, a speculative photographer was taking a picture of them as they lay upon the rising waters.

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At first the writer was not aware of it and was surprised to see George pay special attention to his trousers, hair and appearance. He thought George was looking at some girl. Everybody in the lock seemed to have suddenly become wooden. When the truth dawned on the writer he raced to arrange his clothes his curl on forehead and his expression. As they stood, waiting for the eventful moment, they heard someone behind call out: “Hi! look at your nose.” They could not turn round to see what was the matter, and whose nose it was that was to be looked at. Jerome stole a side-glance at George’s nose! It was all right – at all events, there was nothing wrong with it that could be altered. He squinted down at his own, and that seemed all that could be expected also. “Look at your nose, you stupid ass!” came the same voice again, louder. And then another voice cried: “Push your nose out, can’t you, you – you two with the dog!”

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Neither George nor Jerome dared to turn round. The man’s hand was on the cap, and the picture might be taken any moment. Was it them they were calling to? What was the matter with their noses? Why were they to be pushed out! When a loud noise shouted, ‘ Look at your boat, in the red and the black caps. It’s your two corpses that will get taken in that photo, if you ain’t quick.”, then with a shock they realized that the nose of their boat had got s tuck in the wood work of lock. They both gave a blow against the side of the lock with their oars and at that precise movement, the photographer clicked and their feet were the only things seen in the picture.

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They passed from Iffley’s lock towards Oxford, the most difficult bit of the river. The current drove one from right bank to and to the left bank and then in the middle, turned you round and round and always ended by trying to smash you against a college barge. This always resulted in a good deal of bad language.

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The writer didn’t know why everyone was exceptionally irritable on the river. Even young ladies used bad language, mildest of men became violent and he himself would use the most blood- curdling language against Harris and George. The air of the river had a demoralizing effect upon people’s temper.

Quick Revision:

Q1  Give the opinion you form of human nature after reading their reactions to being photographed? Which characteristics is laughed at by the writer? Q2 With illustrations from the story, explain why the writer or the mildest tempered person, changes in his/her behaviour when sailing a boat? Q3  Why was the writer extremely surprised at George’s behaviour? What was George doing at this time? Quick Revision

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Q4 What was the writer/s first idea about George’s behaviour? How was everyone in the lock behaving? Q5 “ I wondered if I should be in time”. Why does the writer make this remark? What did he do immediately? Q6 What had happened to the boat while they were posing for their photographs? Q7 Why did they not come out well in that photograph? Q8  Why is the bit of the river between Iffley and Oxford difficult to manage?

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