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Before you could Hire A Wedding DJ , it is important that you know about the kinds present in the industry . There are five main types including club, mobile, music producer, radio and turntablist. Most of them fall into more than one category. Types of DJ Hire In Sydney and Their Characteristics


This kind of DJ hire Sydney often hosts parties at various venues for people who just want to dance . Usually club DJs play other people’s music. Club DJ


Mobile DJs are the unsung heroes of the music industry. They can travel far and wide to produce the soundtrack for weddings, corporate parties, school dances and other private events. They are approachable and they can engage in conversation with attendees . They may even take requests. Mobile DJ


They are the musicians that make music out of different sounds and instruments and put them all together electronically. They can offer their help in recording an album or song and they even produce for themselves They can even remix other artists’ tracks. Music Producer


This class of DJs works at a radio station as a host, mixer or part of the programming staff. These radio DJs can even host a podcast, or work in satellite radio. In some cases, they are merely announcers who talk in between songs. Radio DJ


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