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Party Bus DC Rental offers everyday specials for all party bus rentals. Visit us online or call today to learn more about our great deals on limo and bus services! Search on or call us at: (202) 830-0479


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3 Phone Numbers Crucial to a Successful Wedding:

3 Phone Numbers Crucial to a Successful Wedding So you have got your wedding all set up. You’ve contacted your best men, bridesmaids, caterers, and grabbed Cheap Charter Bus Service. Many couples think that the preparation is over with wedding planning, but it is a good idea to make sure you have a back-up.


Do have the phone number to the venue’s caretakers saved in your phone. This can be tremendously handy when you need quick questions answered. If you are getting married at a local place of worship and decide that you would like to use their microphones, you may want to get quick permission. Other things that couples can run into is: wondering if they can use a certain room or space in the venue, or extend wedding reception hours at the last minute. It’s also a good idea to have their number in the event that something goes wrong. What if a toilet backs up, a light fixture goes out, or the stove in the kitchen isn’t working the day of the wedding? (202) 830-0479


You may be expecting your parents to arrive in Atlanta Sedan Service, but what if they’re late? Wedding VIP’s that are essential to having the wedding go as planned, should definitely be saved into your phone.


You’ll want to have your transportation companies number on hand as well. You wouldn’t want to be left at the end of the night trying to find Party Bus DC Most companies will gladly send a confirmation text on where they are and when they arrive. That way you can be sure you and your guests can get home safe .

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