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Party Bus DC Rental offers everyday specials for all party bus rentals. Visit us online or call today to learn more about our great deals on limo and bus services! Search on or call us at: (202) 830-0479


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Floral Wedding Décor that You Can Grow at Home (202) 830-0479


Most couples spend an average of $2000 dollars on floral arrangements and flowers for the venue and bouquets for their wedding. But what else could you be doing with that money? Providing a wider variety of food on your menu? With that chunk of your budget, you could have even invited extra guests, and grabbed a DC Party Bus Service .   Whether you’re an avid gardener, or just have a little bit of a green thumb, we’ll share with you some of the best plants that you can actually grow at home for your wedding décor. The plants we’ve selected are fast growers and are as easy to take care of as Phoenix Limo service is to reserve.


Peas are good for you, but they also look great too! Peas are a vine plant, with beautiful lime green colored leaves and interesting pods. These vines are easy to work with and train. You can wrap them around banisters, or let them creep along table edges and more.


If you’d like more money to spend on things like a Party Bus Rental Phoenix loves for wedding after parties, then grown your own bulbs! The most common mistake when it comes to bulbs is over watering them or having soil without adequate drainage. Otherwise they’re very easy. Select tulips, amaryllises, daffodils, and irises for stunning flowers.   If you know someone that has wisteria, ask if you if can have a few cuttings. Grab a Wedding Limo Phoenix can rely on and get some as soon as possible. While wisteria take a bit to get established, after that it grow up to 10 feet during the warmer seasons with gorgeous grape like flowers.


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