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Tech Receptives Pvt Ltd is one of the established brands in offering easy to integrate Odoo ERP development Services. The team at Tech Receptives works with excellence on every project. While developing the solution our team also takes care of varied services right from the development to the result and its maintenance.


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Odoo ERP Chemical System Solution:

Odoo ERP Chemical System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-chemical-industry/

Odoo ERP Ecommerce System Solution:

Odoo ERP Ecommerce System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-ecommerce/

Odoo ERP Education System Solution:

Odoo ERP Education System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-education/

Odoo ERP Financial Services System Solution:

Odoo ERP Financial Services System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-financial-services/

Odoo ERP Food System Solution:

Odoo ERP Food System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-food-and-bevarages/

Odoo ERP HVAC System Solution:

Odoo ERP HVAC System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-hvac/

Odoo ERP ICT System Solution:

Odoo ERP ICT System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-ict/

Odoo ERP Manufacturing System Solution :

Odoo ERP Manufacturing System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-manufacturing/

Odoo ERP Marketing System Solution:

Odoo ERP Marketing System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-marketing/

Odoo ERP Recruitment System Solution:

Odoo ERP Recruitment System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-recruitment/

Odoo ERP Rental System Solution:

Odoo ERP Rental System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-rental/

Odoo ERP Rubber and Plastic System Solution:

Odoo ERP Rubber and Plastic System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-rubber-and-plastic/

Odoo ERP Sales & Distribution System Solution:

Odoo ERP Sales & Distribution System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-sales-and-distribution/

Odoo ERP Textile System Solution:

Odoo ERP Textile System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-textile/

Odoo ERP Trading System Solution:

Odoo ERP Trading System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-trading/

Odoo ERP Utility and Energy System Solution:

Odoo ERP Utility and Energy System Solution https://www.techreceptives.com/project/erp-solution-for-energy-and-utility/

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