Bible on Marriage


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Bible on Marriage:

Bible on Marriage What does the Bible say about marriage?


If you are looking for answers to your marriage problems in the Bible, first decide which book you are going to folow.

The New vs The Old:

The New vs The Old Obviously, the Old Testament will be stricter on the marriage rules than the New Testament

Can you always accept this?:

Can you always accept this? “What God has joined together, let no man separate.”


If you are in an unhappy marriage, you may not accept this. You may interpret your marriage as created by man so that it can be annulled by man!


Or, if God united two people in marriage, then when they separate, it should also be taken as a happening ordained by God.


Therefore, use the Bible as guidance. It may not have tailor made solutions to individual problems.


But follow the Bible for being moral and responsible. If you have not wronged your spouse but have still to face a divorce, then you can feel that you are not at fault.


Yet, you don’t have to accept divorce as inevitable. You can do something to save your marriage and win love back.

Here is help:

Here is help You can find more information on getting back together with your ex here:

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