Types of artificial Jewellery

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Artificial Jewelry is now popular as no one want to bare the load of heavy original jewelry. and also the artificial Jewelry is pocket friendly. So in this Slides, you will get all the types of Artificial Jewelry. For latest Jewelry check: http://finurabyricha.com


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Types of Artificial Jewellery

Finura By Richa:

Finura By Richa The demand for artificial jewellery is rising by the day. Affordable, versatile and easy availability are just a few of the many traits that characterize artificial jewellery. The trend has definitely picked up during the past 10 to 12 years when buzzwords such as gold and diamonds are heard quite infrequently. With the easy availability of Artificial jewellery Online , it is no wonder that they are selling like hotcakes everywhere.

Gold polished jewellery:

Gold polished jewellery The finesse of well manufactured gold polished jewellery has reduced the demand for authentic gold jewellery considerably. Even for special occasions such as weddings, brides are opting for polished jewellery which can be worn regularly. Such jewellery is available in different variants such as earrings, neckpieces, maangtikas , anklets etc. Do not forget to check out the huge availability of gold polished earrings online along with other items.

Oxidized jewellery :

Oxidized jewellery Oxidized jewellery is the latest rage in the market and women of all ages are flaunting them with pride and joy. It gives off a beautiful black metal kind of a finish and can be paired really well with traditional outfits adding the required zing.

Terracotta Jewellery :

Terracotta Jewellery Terracotta jewellery is handmade which adds a special dash of flavor . It is made with natural clay and then colored to give it a bright and ethnic vibe. An earring or a neckpiece made with terracotta can look really pretty when paired with a saree or suit.

Sterling Silver Jewelry:

Sterling Silver Jewelry Sterling silver is often equated with real silver; however, they are not the same. Sterling silver is mixing silver with some bits of copper making it more durable. Jewellery made with sterling silver looks really elegant and can be paired with almost any kind of outfit, ranging from Indian to western wear.

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There are tons of options available in the market, but while browsing through, do not forget to look for gold polished earings online to get the best options. www.finura byricha.com 69, Dhuleshwar Garden Sardar Patel Marg , C-Scheme Jaipur-302001 Rajasthan, India Customer Support Mobile : +91-8290729882  Office : 0141-2366278

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