Deep Brain Stimulation - The Procedure And Advantages


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Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's in UAE is a successful surgery that involves invasive installation of electrodes in the brain, and a pulse generator in the chest, which are both connected with the help of extension wires.


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Deep Brain Stimulation – The Procedure And Advantages – Shivam Mittal Deep Brain Stimulation for P ar k i n s o n ’ s in UAE is a very common procedure carried out by experts to control and manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease such as slowness rigidity and tremors. It is an advanced surgical procedure used to treat patients who have short duration response to the medications or Tremor which does not improve with medications. It is a proven successful procedure that is USA-FDA approved aimed at decreasing the associated symptoms of the disorder. Deep Brain Stimulation – The procedure Deep Brain Stimulation is an invasive surgery that installs electrodes into the brain which are connected to a pulse generator installed in the chest that sends electrical impulses to the electrodes to override the tremor-generating signals in the brain. Placement of electrodes – Two electrodes are placed into the brain one of each side with the position being determined with the help of diagnostic tests like MRI and CT Scan.

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Placement of the pulse generator – The generator is installed inside the chest usually under the right collarbone. The connection – The electrodes and pulse generator are connected with the help of extension wires that protrude from the electrodes run behind the ears and pass down the neck to get connected to the pulse generator. The working – The pulse generator in the chest sends electrical signals to the electrodes in the brain through the extension wires which helps control the muscles that are the reason for the tremors slowness and rigidity caused. Benefits of Deep Brain Stimulation As the method itself says the Deep Brain Stimulation surgery helps to control the area which regulates symptoms of Parkinson’s. This helps to successfully alleviate Tremor slowness and stiffness of muscles thus bringing back almost all of the normal activities that a patient is otherwise deprived of. The surgery also reduces a patient’s dependence on medications by helping achieve reduced levels of symptoms. However certain patients along with these benefits may also encounter certain side effects. Although the side effects are rare and temporary they are a matter of concern for those who experience them. The possible side effects of Deep Brain Stimulation include pain swelling headache seizures infection and a feeling of confusion. While these side effects can be effectively treated and eliminated in a few days if proper care is not taken you may experience severe complications. It takes few visits with the movement disorder specialist to perform programming of the device to improve the symptoms. Once the programming is optimized the medicines can be reduced by the

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movement disorder neurologists. Patient’s can resume their daily routine activities. Where to get the surgery done Deep Brain Stimulation is definitely a successful surgery but the success rate is variable depending upon the condition and capacity of every individual patient. But when you are in the hands of an expert you can rest assured that you will receive the best surgery and service. One such expert is Dr. Shivam Mittal who has been offering Deep Brain Stimulation for Par k i n s o n ’ s in UAE to patients since more than a decade now with several success stories of patients he has treated. For more Information:

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