What Is The Role Of A General Physician

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There are various kinds of doctors specializing in their own fields – surgeons physiotherapists neurologists gynecologists and a whole lot more. But there are others who specialize in none but can treat a variety of ailments and these doctors are known as general physicians. General physicians take care of a wide range of health concerns like stomach pain headache vomiting nausea fever etc. When something unlikely happens we generally rush to a general physician to be diagnosed. We don’t rush to a heart surgeon as soon as we experience chest pain we don’t consult an ENT as soon as we experience problems in the nose we don’t rush to a gynecologist as soon as there is something wrong in our urinary system. What we do is first consult a physician after whose diagnosis we decide whether we need to contact a specialist or not. Thus general physicians are the first point of entry at almost all times. The health concerns that general physicians address are not limited by biological behavioural or social origin. Also they do not limit their care to health concerns of a specific organ or system. Thus unlike specialists general physicians see almost everything under the sun. The most common conditions encountered include headaches abdominal pain high cholesterol diabetes hypertension and fever. But even the most unique cases of

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gynecological problems or mental health issues can also be treated by a general physician. For example Maitri Hospital’s general physician in Kota is well-versed to treat diseases like dengue chicken gunya tuberculosis and pneumonia. Thus primary care involves treating an entire spectrum of conditions which makes a general physician a jack of all trades with a wide span of general medical knowledge. General physicians top the list for patients because they are the ones they first rush to in times of medical need. Thus if you are wondering which medical field you should choose as a career try taking up primary care. This will help you with opportunities in various fields in any part of the country or world. You’ll never have to worry about finding a job which is a big concern in case of specialists. There will be a dire need for general physicians in the years to come with the rising ailments and new medical issues that we encounter every now and then. General physicians are being sought after. And for those considering a career in primary care one advantage is the potential for an ideal work-life balance. When you are a specialist you don’t always have this advantage as they have to be available in all kinds of emergencies at any time. But primary care has a lot of flexibility in how it can be practiced. You could go for part-time opportunities or private practice or working within a hospital – the choice is up to you. General physicians have a variety of problems to deal with everyday making them aware of a lot many health concerns which maybe specialists would not know about. Thus they are much more knowledgeable and capable to minimize the impact of various kinds of diseases thus making them invaluable members of the medical field. For more info visit our site http://www.maitrihospital.com

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