African Americans of Des Moines, and Polk Iowa- Pictorial History book

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New pictorial history book on African Americans of Des Moines Iowa written by Honesty Parker and published by Arcadia Publishing.


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A Pictorial History:

A Pictorial History Of African Americans of Des Moines Iowa.

By Honesty Parker:

By Honesty Parker

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African Americans settled in Des Moines Iowa as far back as the 1860’s.

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We came from as far away as Virginia or Kentucky

Slide 6:

And as close a Kansas or Missouri

Slide 7:

We gathered and played

Slide 8:

And gathered and prayed

Slide 9:

Proudly we served our country

Slide 10:

And excelled in areas when many thought we would not.

Slide 11:

We showed the beauty that is us.

Slide 12:

And our class that could not be denied.

Slide 13:

We are mothers and daughters

Slide 14:

Fathers and sons

Slide 15:

We felt safe when we were new to the world

Slide 16:

And excitement when we came of age

Slide 17:

We marched to our own drums

Slide 18:

We sang our song

Slide 19:

And loved being family

Slide 20:

We were leaders and mentors

Slide 21:

And never forgot where we came from

Slide 22:

We laughed

Slide 23:

And Fought

Slide 24:

We marched and protested

Slide 25:

And showed what determination could bring

Slide 26:

We showed strength through adversity

Slide 27:

And pure joy at just being

Slide 28:

We were sophisticated

Slide 29:

With Big Momma Love

Slide 30:

We celebrate our heritage

Slide 31:

And leave this legacy

Slide 32:

For the generations to follow

To order your copy of African Americans of Des Moines and Polk County:

To order your copy of African Americans of Des Moines and Polk County Send email to: Honesty Parker

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