Eight etiquettes while giving an office presentation

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Remember these eight etiquette while giving an office presentation to make the most of it.


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Eight Essential Etiquette while giving an Office Presentation

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Is it going to be your first presentation in office ? It is all right to be nervous about it. But remember the best way to get through it winningly, is Preparation . The mantra is to prepare well for the meeting and just go ahead. Further, take care of these etiquettes to throw an awesome impression on your clients.

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1. Be on TIME Reaching late is a crime against professionalism .

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2. Greet and Meet the other speakers It will break the ice for and you’ll be more comfortable.

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3. Switch off your mobile phones Don’t let the gadget become the source of distraction for you .

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4. Prevent Noisy background It is your responsibility to take care of all the noise making elements.

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5. Check These Check the speakers, microphone and the video conferencing set up(if any) before starting your presentation.

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6. Be loud and clear Your voice should be clearly audible to all the attendees.

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7. Don’t shout You should not shout if a heated discussion takes place

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8. Be yourself It is the most important tip to remain yourself and have confidence. Keep your spirits high!

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