CNC Machines

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CNC Machines:

CNC Machines

What is a CNC Machine?:

CNC : Computer Numerical Control An operator decides various machines perameters like feed , depth of cut etc. Depending on type of job , and controls the slide movements by hand. In a CNC Machine functions and slide movements are controlled by motors using computer programs. What is a CNC Machine?


There are many different types of CNC Machines used in industry, Such as: Lathes and Turning Centers Milling Centers Vertical Machining Centers Horizontal Machining Centers Drilling Machines EDM and Wire cut Machines Laser-Cutting Machines TYPES OF CNC MACHINE

CNC Machine – Turning Machine:

CNC Machine – Turning Machine

CNC In Side View :

CNC In Side View

VMC Machine:

VMC Machine

VMC Machine In Side View:

VMC Machine In Side View

HMC Machine:

HMC Machine

HMC Machine In Side View :

HMC Machine In Side View

Build by Machine :

Build by Machine Automobile Part Aerospace CNC machine manufactures this items

Slide 11:

Diamond & Jewellery Ind. Textile Machinery Die & Mould Manufactures

Tools of Machine:

Tools of Machine

Operator Panel :

Operator Panel

Advantages ::

High Accuracy e.g . Aircraft parts Volume of production is very high Complex surfaces need to be machined Flexibility in job change , automatic tool settings , less scrap More safe , higher productivity , better quality Less paper work , faster prototype production Advantages :


Costly setup Skilled operators Computers , Programming knowledge required Maintenance is very difficult Disadvantages:

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