Achievements And Projects By  Parco Group, Nigeria


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African Industries Group one of the best steel leading company of Nigeria.African Industries manufactured steel, Chemicals,Non ferrous materials and Glass.


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Achievements And Projects By  Parco Group, Nigeria:

Achievements  And  Projects By  Parco Group, Nigeria


Parco group, Nigeria received international accreditations for assembling procedures and quality. In addition, the network of Parco group, Nigeria sets up numerous steel plants across the country and Nigeria included the company in the last tour of the Power Sector Privatization. Recently , a governor visited one of the plants of the group and assured the pledge of his administration to the overall development. He added that the plant along with its completion would stop the recurrent challenge of inadequate or late supply of fertilizers to local farmers and would enhance the profile of industrialization . During his presence on the site, the governor inaugurated different projects completed by Parco group, Nigeria .


These projects encompassed a firm of glass that produced figured glass and float glass. Another project is a company of chemicals using hydro-technique to produce Aluminum and sulfuric acid. There is also a factory of fertilizer producing sodium silicate each year.



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