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Mainly used for separation of contaminants like plastic etc. and water from the pulper reject discharge and conveying of wood chips straw saw dust fibre sludge etc. DEHYDRATING SCREW CONVEYOR the refining people

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Dehydrating Screw Conveyor is used for solid-liquid separation. It consists of sedimentation hopper with perforated trough bottom section for water and fiber reclaiming and an inclined shaft screw for reject extraction. To reduce maintenance the geared motor is directly connected to the shaft screw on the top end of the conveyor. It is designed for efficient transportation and separation of fiber water with minimum maintenance and maximum reliability. All parts coming in contact with water are made up of SS-304. Conveyor trough provided with top bolted cover for simplified maintenance. It can be mounted horizontal or inclined. Applications Salient Features • Separation of contaminants plastic etc. and water from pulper reject discharge • Separation of sand and water from high-density cleaner and centricleaner rejects • Conveying of wood chips straw sawdust fiber sludge • Conveying of waste rubbish ashes and metal grindings DEHYDRATING SCREW CONVEYOR

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