Buy High Consistency Pulper To Improve Your Paper Mill Efficiency

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Hi-Consistency Pulper provides Excellent Defiberizing, Easy Separation Of Fibers & Contaminants, Helps in De-Inking and Energy Saving. It is a versatile equipment for newsprint mills, writing and printing mills, board mills, and kraft mills. Dilution Pulper is connected to the hi-consistency pulper and efficiently separates the plastics and contaminants from the mixture. The dehydrating screw conveyor is used for conveying of wood chips, straw, sawdust, fiber sludge, waste, ashes, and metal grindings. Parason spare parts are manufactured with genuine CNC machines are providing the best results. Some of the spare parts are HC rotor, rotating assembly, impeller, dehydrating screw, screen plate, and shaft sleeve. Interested in buying a high consistency pulper for your paper pulp machine? Call now +91 (0) 240-2339234/35/36/37 or Write us at


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