Best Pulp Cleaner Machines for Your Paper Mill at Affordable Rates

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Hi-density cleaner is efficient in the removal of contaminants like sand, glass, chips, pins, etc. from the pulp stock. It has a simple installation process and protects further screening and refining equipment from wear and abrasion. Medium consistency centricleaner is used for cleaning of all typed of recycled papers and virgin pulp. It helps in increasing the life of screen baskets and improves deinking efficiency. The disperser provides longer life of wear parts like screw brackets and disperser plates. Loe consistency cleaner improves the optical cleanliness of paper due to the removal of specks, shives, and dirt. It has a proven design for approach flow location. Twin Screw Sand Separator improves the separation of heavy particles from liquid or light particles. Sand separator removes sand and other heavy solids from cleaning/screening rejects. It comes with a smart design of a sedimentation tank and works with trouble-free operations. Parason Spare Parts are manufactured with CNC machines and guarantee the best performance to ensure high accuracy. Ceramic cones, Ceramic Bottom Cones, Cast Inlet Headers, Bottom Cones. Interested in buying cleaner for your paper pulp machine? Call now +91 (0) 240-2339234/35/36/37 or Write us at


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