Best Performing Low Consistency Pulper For Your Paper Mill Machine

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Parason Low Consistency Pulper guarantees the best performance with continuous operations at consistency of 4-6%. It is used for the efficient removal of plastics in large pieces and reduces the burden on downstream equipment. The low consistency pulper is assisted with the machines like the ragger, the rope cutter, fiber saver, trommel screen, grapple, etc. The dynamo rotor series by Parason provides superior metallurgy of refiner disc adopted in the impellers. It provides uniform agitation and better pulping results. Parason is a supplier of genuine spare parts like the LC Pulper Screen Plate, Fiber Saver Screen Plate, Rotating Assembly For LC Pulper & Fiber Saver, Dynamo Rotor Series, Fiber Saver Impeller. Interested in buying low consistency pulper machine? Call now +91 (0) 240-2339234/35/36/37 or Write us at


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