Buy High Speed Deflaker For Your Paper Mill Machinery at Best Price


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The high-speed deflaker series includes the Hole Type Deflaker, Conical Deflaker, and Ring Type Deflaker. All three deflakers have 3 models. The models of hole type deflaker operate at the power rate of 55 kW - 270 kW. The ring-type deflaker models operate at the rate of 75 kW - 315 kW. Whereas, the conical type deflaker models operate between 75 kW - 270 kW. High-speed deflaker is needed for deflaking virgin pulp and various kinds of brokes to obtain high-quality product and better strength characteristics. The ring type deflaker comes with a unique tri disc- system rotating at high speed. The conical deflaker comes with a conical construction of Rotor and stator allowing more area for Deflaking. Interested in buying the deflaker machinery? Call now +91 (0) 240-2339234/35/36/37 or Write us at


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