Get Best Conical Refiner Pulp Paper Machine at Affordable Price

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Parason Conical Refiner or Confiner is a modified conical refiner designed to enhance the bonding ability of fibers with a minimized freeness drop and minimum decrease if fiber length with low energy consumption and easy maintenance. The Confiner Tackle is used for gentle fiber treatment and depends on the amount of fibers between the refining bars. Parason provides improved paper quality in minimum process downtime and comes with easy maintenance and low energy consumption. The Trap Magni comes with stainless steel construction and is sturdy and fabricated. It is used for the removal of contaminants and the separation of fibers with the magnetic properties. Some of the genuine spare parts manufactured with CNC machines to ensure high accuracy include the rotating assembly, worm screw, hydraulic screw, worm screen. Interested in the Conical Refiner machinery? Call now +91 (0) 240-2339234/35/36/37 or Write us at


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