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Paragyte seamlessly offers wide range of Python consulting & Python development services. Contact us to get free consulting from our python developer & django developers.


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AGENDA Python – What is it? Why it’s needed? Python Services supported by Paragyte Python Frameworks provided by Paragyte Contact Us 0 2


Python – What is it? Why it’s needed? A Short Description 0 3


It is an interpreted, object-oriented, open source, flexible and dynamic scripting & programming language. What is Python ? Why it’s needed? Salient features – A Simple Syntax, Power of executing complex tasks, ease of programming and faster application development. Due to its effectiveness, Python is becoming very popular amongst the new startups and gaining attention of the existing industries. Python & its Development 0 4 Currently, Python language plays vital role in the development of products, services or technologies in various verticals of global industry.


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Python Services Supported by Paragyte 0 6 Since a decade, Paragyte seamlessly offers Python consulting & Python development services . Striving for the excellency always, so far Paragyte has supported these services to big & medium scale companies and also small budding startups. Python Dynamic Website Development Python Web Application Development using Frameworks Django, Zope, CherryPy, Pyramid and many more. Python UI Design and Development using Frameworks PyGTK, PyQt, wxPython Python Web Crawler Development Python Desktop Application Development Turnkey Windows Services Development (Continued on next slide…)


Python Services Supported by Paragyte 0 7 Python Custom Content Management System Development Python and Active Directory Integration Services Java and Python/Django Integration Services Responsive Web development with the Python, HTML5 and JavaScript Python and PHP Integration Services Python and ASP .NET Integration Services Python and Perl Integration Services Python Web Services Development (Continued on next slide…)


Python Services Supported by Paragyte 0 8 Python Data Extraction Existing Web Application performance monitoring, tuning and scalability Python Content Parsing Porting of legacy applications to Python-based ones such as Migrate ASP.Net to Python Migrate Java to Python Migrate ColdFusion to Python Migrate PHP to Python Upgrading Python to latest version


Python Frameworks Provided by Paragyte An Overview 0 9


When it comes to the development of the Python programming language, Django framework has a prime importance and its also a first choice of most of the developers. Since a decade now, Paragyte has successfully delivered more than 25 Python web development projects using Django Framework. Django Framework Development Web2Py is full stack open source Python Web Development Framework. Web2Py is loaded with rich, out of the box features with no third party dependencies but is compatible to work with third party tools if its needed at all. Python developers from Paragyte have successfully completed 8+ projects using Web2Py framework and the work is still on! Web2Py Framework Development 0 10 Python Frameworks Provided by Paragyte


The “Flask framework” in the Python development is mostly used by small start-up companies for developing smaller applications with limited functional requirements. Paragyte advises the “Flask framework” to those clients who are planning to develop small projects, products or services with the limited functionality. Flask Framework Development As the name suggests, Pyramid web framework is flexible framework. It gives developers full freedom to choose their tools such as database, URL structure, templating style and more. It works seamlessly with the “SQLAlchemy ORM” framework to receive better results. Paragyte have used this framework successfully in 10+ python projects. Pyramid Framework Development 0 11 Python Frameworks Provided by Paragyte


Zope framework is extensively used for the development of the Content Management System. Paragyte has been striving hard to develop the resources to make the Python development using Zope framework possible in a efficient and cost effective manner. Zope Framework Development TurboGears, the name says it all! It is a mega-framework and very popular rapid web development framework in Python development. It is built on top of many frameworks with designer friendly templates and MVC model and is suggested to use for the large scale applications designed by the big scale or medium scale industries. TurboGears DEVELOPMENT SERVICES 0 12 Python Frameworks Provided by Paragyte


Pylons is an open source, lightweight, rapid and flexible web development framework that extends the “Web Server Gateway Interface” i.e., WSGI standards. Over the period of time, Paragyte has developed an expertise in the consultation services and the implementation of this framework. Pylons In the process of Python development, CherryPy is said to be a minimalistic web development framework providing an interface using HTTP for the developers. Paragyte is delivering premium quality services in this vertical too, which has gained the trust of our clientele. CherryPy 0 13 Python Frameworks Provided by Paragyte


Cubic Web is a semantic Web Application Framework which features a query language. Instead of making the views and models separate, this framework combines both of these and has multiple databases, security workflows etc. Paragyte provides the “best-in-class” Cubic Web development services. Cubic Web Bottle is a efficient yet simple micro-framework for web development suited best for small web applications. It is distributed as a single module and has no third party dependencies other than Standard Python Libraries. Paragyte is a one stop solution for all the web developments done using this framework. Bottle 0 14 Python Frameworks Provided by Paragyte


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