Key Advantages of Drools Rule Engine

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Key Advantages of Drools Rule Engine Before modern coding principles were established business logic was directly implemented into application code thus tightly coupling it with the application. Though doing this was the simplest way to code it wasn’t the smartest approach since it meant having to change a significant amount of code if the business logic needed even the slightest modification. The need to de- couple business logic and application code gave rise to rule engines.

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A Rule Engine is a piece of software which having some knowledge is able to perform conclusions by using it. Rule Engines are pluggable software components that separate the business rules from the application code. They allow you to say "What to do" not "How to do it". Among modern rule engines Drools is one of the most popular ones. Drools is a business rule management system BRMS with a forward and backward chaining inference mechanism and it uses an enhanced implementation of the Rete algorithm. It works on a set of “if-then” evaluations that are used to process event patterns and perform actions. An organization can extract the following major advantages by implementing the Drools Rule Engine within its software development approach:  Declarative implementation Rules/business logic is defined in a declarative way and it is much easier than writing them in application code.  Data and logic separation As already stated the advantage of decoupling the data and business logic rules cannot be undermined.  Speed scalability and accuracy Here the advantage comes from the efficient algorithms like Rete algorithm Leaps algorithm etc. These are battle proven algorithms and perform efficiently accurately and quickly.  Centralization of business logic All the business logics/ rules are centralized. So it is easier to maintain/enhance/update.  Tool Integration Tools such as Eclipse and some Web based UIs provide ways to edit and manage rules and get immediate feedback validation and content assistance. Auditing and debugging features are also available.  Explanation Facility Rule systems effectively provide an "explanation facility" by being able to log the decisions made by the rule engine along with why the decisions were made.  Understandable Rules By creating object models you can write rules that look very close to natural language. They lend themselves to logic that is understandable to domain experts as they are expressed in their language.

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 Improved Maintainability Since rules are easier to understand a developer can spend more time solving the actual problem. Interested to find out how Drools implementation can positively impact your business Contact Paragyte today for expert Drools consultation. Visit for more details.

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