Non Woven Geo Textile Fabrics Transforming the Global Fabric Standard

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Non Woven Geo Textile Fabrics: Transforming the Global Fabric Standards An emerging field in the world of textiles came with development of filler clothes or filter fabrics. With increasing demand in the market making them inevitable in various fields their specifications were revised and were termed as geothermal fabrics. Among the different types of geo fabrics available in the market the Non Woven Geo Fabric with its characteristics and usage has turned into an unrivalled substitute of textiles in various industries. Properties and features Normally the characteristic of Non Woven Geo textile are determined by the type of raw materials the structures of fibre matrixes and its bonding patterns. Normally in these kind of fabrics polypropylene or polyesters are used which are bonded in either the mechanical bonding or needle punching or by means of chemical or thermal bonding methods. The perks In case you are wondering on why to choose Non Woven Geo textile Fabric over other fabrics here are few perks  One of the most versatile materials available  Extremely cost effective  Easy to use and fast installation processes  Generally these fabrics come in high UV and abrasion resistance  These fabrics comes with high mechanical and electrical properties  They are also extremely efficient clogging resistors Usages

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These non woven textiles are inevitable in various domains like  Civil and road engineering constructions  Earth plat forming  Water tunnels etc  Land reclamation  Railway formation  Subsoil and cut-off drainages etc. To conclude Whether its land reclamation works or land fillings or in various civil construction domains these non woven geo textiles proves to be extremely sturdy durable and thus incurs less cost in long runs. So whether you are in biomedical or in civil domain peer up with geo textile agencies today. Contact Us Address: 6-1105 Hujing Jinjiang Quanzhou Fujian 362200 China Website: Phone: +86-189-6568-7670 Email:

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