Udaipur Your Next Food Expedition Begins Here


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Udaipur: Your Next Food Expedition Begins Here There are two types of people in the world. One who loves food and then there are others who are crazy about food. The food is the motivation for their happy life. This article is for food lovers to help them enjoy something new during their next vacation and also for the crazier food lovers so that they can plan a holiday to enjoy some new delicacies. The food destination we would be talking about today is Udaipur. The iconic city of lakes is a glorious part of Rajasthan. The place has some lip-smacking food up on their menu around the city. Food is widely categorized into two categories. There is one that adorns the glossy food menu at top hotels in Udaipur city. Then there is a local version of every dish that adorns the street side stalls. Below we have created a list of the most popular food items that you must try. You can easily find their variants in budget hotels in Udaipur as well as on the food stalls across the stalls. Explore the city of royals and let your taste buds experience the royalty of local cuisine. Daal Baati Choorma This has to be at number 1. This is one of the most popular Rajasthani foods. You can enjoy it any authentic Rajasthani restaurant around the country but the taste of Udaipur is exclusive. Family hotels in Udaipur do serve the dish but we suggest you try it once from a roadside stall. The aroma of pure ghee and local spices added in the tadka of daal is simply awesome. And choorma you won’t forget the sweetness again Guaranteed Mirchi Bada Rajasthani Mirchi is famous around the world. So how can you afford not tasting the iconic food when in Udaipur Mirchi bada is not just any Mirchi fried in the besan batter. It is prepared with spiced potatoes and fried till crisp. The local spice mix and lemon juice are what makes Udaipur’s Mirchi Bada distinctive. Whatever hotel in Udaipur city you are staying in don’t forget to order it as a first evening snack. Our next food on the list will serve as the perfect companion. Hari Mirch Chai As we were relishing the famous Rajasthani Mirchi in our words Hari Mirch chai is another uniqueness of Udaipur. Hot kadak chai spiced up with tikhi Hari Mirchi will warm up your senses. This drink can complement any meal of the day. Relish the taste of this unique chai as you may not taste it anywhere anytime soon Kulhad Coffee Yeah you read it right. It’s written coffee not tea. You have savored the tea served in kulhad many times before and at various places - railway stations tea stalls office canteen and roadside dhabas. But coffee served in a kulhad is a different kind of flavor madness. Just imagine the strong and invigorating taste of coffee smudged with the earthy scent of clay cups also called mitti like cups. The taste will remain with you throughout your life re-evolving every time you drink the routine coffee.

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