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What is Sublimation?:

What is Sublimation? Sublimation is the process where a solid changes phase and turns directly into gas without passing through a liquid phase.  Solid Solid Liquid Gas Sublimation, passing the liquid phrase Melting Condensation Freezing Evaporation


Purpose What’s the ultimate purpose of Sublimation?? Sublimation is like distillation, which involves heating the compound at low pressure from one apparatus and condensing it in another to purify the compound. Example of Sublimation Set-up Example of Distillation set-up


Examples Carbon Dioxide is a common example of a chemical compound that sublimates at atmospheric pressure- dry ice at room temperature and one atmosphere temperature will turn into gas without becoming into a liquid. D ry Ice reacting>>


Effects Sublimation also causes side effects such as Freezer Burn. Freezer Burn is a condition that occurs when frozen food has been damaged by dehydration, due to air reaching the food. It appears as grayish-brown . When the constantly vibrating water molecules in the meats and vegetables stored in the freezer migrate to the surface, crystals of ice outside of the solid food are formed. The parts now deprived of moisture become dry and shriveled and look burned.



What is Deposition?:

What is Deposition? Deposition is a process where a gas changes phase and turns directly in solid without passing through the liquid phase. It’s also the opposite of sublimation.


Example One extremely common example is snow that formed in clouds. Water vapor changes directly to ice without first becoming a liquid. 


3D Vacuum Sublimation Heater Press Machine Latest Technology


3D Muti-fuction Sublimation Transfer machine An affordable revolutionary 3D Sublimation Machine


1. Three-dimensional printing 2. All in one, suit for iPhone and smart phone cover, mug, rim plate, rock, photo glass, crystal, glass goblet, beer mug, clothes, acrylic and metal plate.


3. The combination of vacuum pressure and heat to wrap sublimation transfer paper around curved shapes to permanently fuse the decoration onto any curved surface. 4. Excellent and durable quality out of mature technology.


Decoration of Glass Sublimation Printing


If you are contemplating for the installations of window glasses in your business enter, you can consider Sublimation Printing for the glass.


Through the use of Sublimation Printing service, you can acquire stylish graphic printing on the glass. You can print your company's logo, business objectives, aim and other inspiring and motivational quotes in many ways and style.


The Basic Knowledge of T-Shirt Printing by Heat Sublimation Transfer


T-shirt printing by sublimation has grown into a substantial industry over the last 25 years and has filled a market gap for high-quality,short-run printing of shirts and other promotional items. It is a heat transfer process, whereby a paper release liner is printed using sublimation dyes. The printed image turns into a gas with the application of heat, transferring the dye to the garment or item.


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