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Digital Marketing Key Points:

Digital Marketing Key Points What is Digital Marketing ? Why are people going online? Benefits of digital marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Optimization (SMO) Pay Per Click (PPC) Email Marketing/ Sms Marketing

Digital Marketing Plans:

Digital Marketing Plans Points Situation Analysis Budget Audience Objectives Channels Action Plans Measurement Answers? What are you doing now ? Many Time Many Types What you want to achieve . Website, Social Media, Partners What & When Traffic, Awareness, Likes, Donations

Digital Marketing Overview:

Digital Marketing Overview Definition “Digital Marketing” is the process of building and maintaining customer relationships through online activity. “Digital Marketing “using electronic media such as the web, email, interactive TV, IPTV and wireless media in conjunction with digital data about customers characteristics & behaviors.

Why are people going online ?:

Why are people going online ? For information on a new product, services, or location.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

Benefits of Digital Marketing Reach the right audience. Engage with your audience. Motivate your audience to take action. Ensure efficient spending on your campaign. Maximize return on investment (ROI)

What does Digital Marketing Consist of key components. :

What does Digital Marketing Consist of key components. Website Design(User Experience) Search Engine Optimization Pay Per Click Search Marketing Optimization Email Marketing Display Advertising(banner ads)

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