Phrasal Verbs (multi-word verbs)

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Phrasal Verbs (multi-word verbs):

Phrasal Verbs (multi-word verbs) Intermediate level

Come round to your house:

Come round to your house My bridesmaid, Eftychia , comes round to my house whenever she can.

Milk goes off :

Milk goes off Please, don’t drink this milk! It’s gone off!

Put on Clothes:

Put on Clothes In winter, at Christmas, We ought to put on our elegant clothes to look good!!!

Turn on the volume in the radio! :

Turn on the volume in the radio! Whenever I want to listen to music loud, I turn on the volume!!!

Turn Down the volume on TV!:

Turn Down the volume on TV! Please, turn down the volume on TV! I’m trying to sleep!!! Tomorrow, I’m working!

Put off the doctor’s appointment:

Put off the doctor’s appointment I had to be at work till late today, so, I had to put off doctor’s appointment for next Monday evening.

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