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Pandora’s OEM is a popular online store for selling appliance factory parts, appliances including air conditioners, refrigerators and other household hardware at discounted prices.


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Pandora’s OEM Appliance Repairing Services Include: :

Pandora’s OEM Appliance Repairing Services Include: Installation and repair of air conditioning & heating equipment. Heating and cooling systems installation New Murfreesboro air conditioning unit installation Seasonal Murfreesboro HVAC maintenance

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Murfreesboro Air conditioning tune-up Heating and cooling equipment change-out AC maintenance inspection AC extended warranty

Pandora’s OEM Appliance Repair Tips :

Pandora’s OEM Appliance Repair Tips

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Check or Change your filter monthly. Dirty filters restrict airflow to your evaporator coil that can cause your ac system to breakdown. Use your garden hose to clean your outdoor condensing unit to allow proper airflow. (Make sure o turn off your thermostat while performing this cleaning).

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These tips will save you money, but it is highly recommended that you call us to clean your air conditioning system. Make sure your thermostat is mounted level and if it's a digital thermostat, make sure the batteries are good.

EPA Certified :

EPA Certified When choosing a Murfreesboro air conditioning service, it's very important that they are EPA certified; it is the law. If the HVAC Company you work with is not EPA certified, you run the risk of causing more harm to your air conditioning system, which will cost you more money in the future. At Pandora’s OEM, we are EPA Certified; properly licensed and insured.

Electrical Wiring :

Electrical Wiring

Old Wiring Repairs:

Old Wiring Repairs Pandora’s OEM Appliance Repairing Services helps you prevent any risk of electrical fires and other related electrical incidents in your home or office.

Pandora’s OEM Appliances :

Pandora’s OEM Appliances Pandora’s OEM Appliance Repair Centers has been an authorized builder direct dealer for 20 major home appliance brands since 1992 serving Builders, Kitchen Dealers, Kitchen Designers, Architects, and Remodeling Contractors.

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We would like to be your supplier of major household appliances in Murfreesboro for your new construction or remodeling project.


CONTACT US Murfreesboro, TN 37133 USA PO Box 330919 (855) 636-8632 http://www.pandorasoem.com

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