Different Types of Silk Fabric With Pictures


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Different Types Of Silk Fabric With Pictures, Names & Their Characteristics


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Different Types of Silk Fabric With Pictures Names Silk fibers are woven into different types of silk fabrics and weaves. Most common ones are Charmeuse Chiffon Crepe de Chine Gauze Georgette Habutai Organza Raw Silk… Types of Silk Fabric Characteristics Weight Broadcloth/ Habotai same as China Silk except heavier wrinkles less good for shirts medium 10 mm up Chiffon a soft plain wave fabric made with twisted yarns Sheer – Light to Medium China Silk / Fuji Silk / Washable Silk Spun Silk best for lining and crafts inexpensive often called washable silk wrinkles 8 mm up light

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Crepe de Chine Popular for clothing lustrous fabric superior drape made from twisted yarns 14 mm popular but inferior 16 mm is good blouse weight heavier available Organza plain weave sheer silk made of tightly twisted fine yarns use for interfacing veils under gowns Crisp Sheer Charmeuse / Crepe Back Satin crepe backed satin rich luster drapes beautifully. Ideal for bedding products and sleepwear. medium 16 or higher Pongee a variation of tussah slight rib and texture inexpensive light weight traditional summer fabric

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Brocade Jacquard design often with metallic thread usually contains some rayon good for jackets heavy Taffeta hand woven is best crisp fabric that rustles medium to heavy weight Shantung slubbed silk duppioni yarns many weights from light to suit Velvet pile fabric often containing some rayon gorgeous drape medium to heavy Peu de Soie skin of silk satiny face heavy

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Damask jacquard woven silk of elaborate patterns light to medium Noil raw silk spun silk with nubby texture appearance of soft cotton or wool easy care wrinkle resistant travel well medium to heavy Tussah wild silk wild silk generally from India loosely woven heavy nice for suiting Soure: https://www.pandasilk.com/silk-fabric-types/

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