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Marrikashairextensions offers the finest quality 100% cheap Wholesale Malaysian hair extensions for discerning customers who expect the best!This hair has a lot of natural body to it


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What is Virgin Indian hair? :

What is Virgin Indian hair? Virgin Indian Remy Hair extensions unlike other hair extensions are not processed chemically in any way. They are present in their most natural form hence can retain the look for a long time. They are also more expensive than synthetic hair extensions. Being 100% natural, hair cuticles are not damaged. Cuticles are responsible for providing protection against damaging elements. These extensions maintain a natural look, health and glow for long time. Care has to be taken so that cuticles run in same direction, to avoid tangling.

Why is Indian hair so special?:

Why is Indian hair so special? From models to ordinary people everyone wants Indian hair, there has to be a reason why. Proceed further and you shall find out: Indian hairs are not at all treated with any sort of chemicals, hence called virgin. As a result the cuticles are very healthy, so the extensions stay in shape for a long time. Indian hairs are available in various textures like wavy, curly and straight, hence fulfills everyone’s taste and preference. There are completely apt for American-African women since it matches their hair tone. So, you don’t have to color them, which reduce their life.

Indian Hair vs. Brazilian hair:

Indian Hair vs. Brazilian hair Indian Women cut their hair for rituals unlike Brazilian women who tend to be very possessive about their curls. Another fact is you won’t really find Virgin Brazilian hair as women color their hair and use various hair beauty products. In India finding Virgin hair is not a big deal; people are still away from using such luxuries of hair processing. In terms of quality Indian hair are thicker, while Brazilian hair are softer and silkier.

How to Care for your Virgin Indian Hair:

How to Care for your Virgin Indian Hair TO avoid breakage during hair wash, sprinkle your hair with a mixture of water and conditioner. This would help detangling and hence avoiding breakage. Never directly apply shampoo to your hair, rather take a small amount, dilute it and then apply. Always wash hair in direction of cuticles, which is from root to tip. Wash your hair with warm water once in a week.

Marrika's Hair Extensions Customer Service Address: United Kingdom Telephone:+4479 5632 8643 :

Marrika's Hair Extensions Customer Service Address: United Kingdom Telephone:+4479 5632 8643 Address: United Kingdom Telephone:+4479 5632 8643 Information: You can call us between 9am and 7pm GMT, 7 days a week or contact us by e-mail

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