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How to Design a Custom Flag:

A flag represents places, nations and organizations. You can use a flag as a signal or as a marker for a location. You can design your own custom flag as a symbol of your business, a sports team or just to represent you. How to Design a Custom Flag By:

Designing Instruction:

Choose the fabric that you like best. When choosing fabric, you should take into account that some varieties wash and wear better than others. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon look flashy, but should be handled with care around heat. Cotton is also durable and washable, but lacks the luster of other fabrics. Designing Instruction By:

Designing Instruction…………………….:

Pick colors that grab attention. The whole point of making a custom flag is to get the attention of your potential viewers. By choosing complimentary colors that work together or colors that are attractive to onlookers, you can create a successful flag. Designing Instruction ……………………. By:

Designing Instruction………………….:

Plan custom flags to be seen from a distance. You need to keep your flag simple. Most flags are seen at a distance and need to have large symbols on a contrasting background. You should only use complex images if you plan to display your flag at eye level. Pick a symbol to represent you, but that isn't overwhelming. You can refer to heraldry to choose a classic symbol or you can create your own custom drawing to go on your flag. If you plan to use a symbol that's used frequently on flags, such as a star, design your flag to incorporate the symbol differently than existing flags. Designing Instruction …………………. By:

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